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Trending terraces

Warm, ‘artisan’ and sophisticated, these are the trending terms this season for outdoor spaces. With the coming of summer, terraces turn themselves into an extra space, at this time of year they become one of the most welcoming and charismatic spaces in the home. With TODAGRES®, find out today about the upcoming trends for this season. Modern terraces that follow trends, but with that touch of elegance that makes them timeless.

Mediterranean style.
A must for this summer season, providing a fresh and carefree touch just by adding intensely blue flowerpots and the greens of the vegetation surrounding them.

Outdoor lounge
The achievement aimed at with this type of trend is to get the lounge itself outside, with all or almost all the comforts of a living room. In other words, the key here is that the furniture is comfortable to spend long periods of time sitting down. A popular style is Boho Chic as it provides that feeling of relaxation with an island air, ideal for taking it easy. Rattan furniture, rustic fabric cushions and rugs are essential. Without forgetting candles and blankets for the evening.

Terraza Vulcano

Potted plants and fruit trees
Terraces full of plants, tidy and very well cared for, are an excellent option to keep you in touch with nature. There are pieces of furniture that help organisation, or shelves, which you can buy to keep everything in its place. It is important that the pots complement each other, so their arrangement looks intentional and more organised. Also, if you are really up for it, you can get fruit trees in pots and bring the Mediterranean to your home.

Trend: Zen space
Even if only a few minutes a day, more and more people are spending time meditating and being in harmony with themselves. Your terrace can be that place where you can be at peace with yourself. For this, it is important that everything there makes you feel at peace. You can install a small waterfall in a corner, a figure that you like or identify with, such as a Buddha, you can even have a diffuser of natural oils, such as lavender oil, to relax. Make your own oasis at home and remember, regarding this trend, less is more.

Terraza Marbella

Trend: a fire on the terrace
If you have the outdoor space, a fire on the terrace is a beautiful option to enjoy with your loved ones. For this, you need a bowl suitable to withstand fire, and you can add strings of lights, and candles to add even more to the atmosphere, and of course, kitchen utensils suitable for your fire. It is a great idea to have baskets in which to store blankets, so nothing prevents you from staying until night time and enjoying the fire and the conversation.

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