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Avant-garde technology for next-generation ceramic surfaces.

Employing TODATECH® technology, we have created a next-generation technical product inspired by vanguard architecture, which fulfils the most comprehensive quality tests to obtain ultra-resistant surfaces with unlimited aesthetic versatility.

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How is it manufactured?
Produced with high-resolution digital printing.

This technology was developed specifically for designing marbles and monocolours. The outcome is high resolution graphics with 93% surface gloss on a polished finish, similar to that of polished crushed frits and much higher than that of polished marble. The result also has garnered the highest value on the easy-to-clean scale (5) and ranks high on the Mohs hardness scale (a coefficient of 5), thus providing high resistance to scratching and impact.

Anti-slip R10/R12
Floor / Wall tiles
Alto tránsito
High traffic
Resistente a los ácidos
Acid resistant
Facilidad de limpieza
Ease of cleaning (Level 5)
Rectificado y Biselado
Rectified and bevelled
Resistente a la helada
Frost resistant
Resistente a la abrasión profunda
Deep abrasion resistance
Discover our TODATECH® collections

A selection of materials inspired by the purest marbles and monocolours.

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