New Stones Brochure!

The unbreakable union of a range of harmonic stones from the most remote places on the planet. This is our STONES selection, an amalgamation of natural stones that offer personality and warmth to any space.

STONES by TODAGRES® was created with the aim of valuing the natural beauty of real stone. An authentic selection of noble materials inspired by stone and ostensible aesthetics created with TODAGRES® Technical Porcelain.

Everstone stone

An ideal collection for urban spaces.

A collection of great personality and refined texture, inspired by the innate nature of rocks, it evokes solidity, notoriety and a unique aesthetic.

Blauwe stones

With a rocky composition in its greyish mass.

Blauwe Steen integrates rocky elements into its mass, generating a mysterious dark greyish colour inspired by the natural Belgian limestone known as Le Petit Granit.

Marbella stones

Of limestone inspiration and subtle pattern.

Of structural variety, its subtle chromatic changes inspired by limestone are the perfect connection between naturalness and aesthetics. Discover the Marbella Collection, a collection of soft shapes that splash its texture and give light volumes to its surface.

Lithos stones

Silky to the touch and smooth appearance.

Duality of uniform lines and smooth veins. Lithos, a cohesion that offers the best of natural stone presented in multiple anti- slip finishes.

Vulcano stone

Reliefs, textures, appearance and resistance.

Characteristics that emulate the nobility of natural stone. Vulcano is the perfect combination for spaces that need vitality through pure and natural colours.

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