Todagres Our commitment Discover the Environmental and Quality Policies that define us
A sustainable company with conscientious production

One of the overriding aims that inspires the TODAGRES® environmental and action policy is our commitment to protecting the environment in all of our actions and processes. As a company, TODAGRES® is aware of today’s growing environmental problems, which is why it is committed to environmental prevention, protection and conservation.


Measures that prevent pollution

Take the necessary measures to prevent polluting and, when this is not entirely possible, minimize pollutant emissions by installing filters to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Waste reduction and reuse

Systematic waste reduction by properly treating the different types of waste. Recycling plastic waste, using multiuse wood pallets and purifying wastewater with in-house treatment systems.


Training and awareness raising

Training and raising our employees’ awareness about the possible environmental issues that can occur, fostering the development of good environmental practices, defining new milestones and establishing improvement programmes.

With a deep commitment to the quality of our materials

Our environmental policy starts from one basic principle: Business excellence, so that we have established commitments to total process quality, from receipt of raw materials to the delivery and later installation with our end customers. There is full compliance with all applicable environmental regulations with the aim of protecting the environment.

Autorización ambiental

Integrated environmental authorization certificate

Integrated Environmental Authorisation (AAI per its Spanish acronym) is a resolution that lets all or part of an industrial facility be operated under specific environmental conditions in Spain.

Global EPD

Environmental Product Declaration

Authorisation that evaluates the sustainable lifecycles of materials through strict and exacting analyses.

ISO 50001


TODAGRES® becomes one of the few companies in the ceramic sector to achieve this kind of certification, accrediting our energy management system.

Construcción Verde

Member accredited by U.S. Green Building Council

Todagres is aware to the issues that concern sustainable building, therefore it has adapted to LEED standards.

Construcción Verde


The use of TODAGRES® materials on any construction or worksite is within the category submitted to evaluation by the US Green Building Council, contributing to obtaining LEED points.


French environmental label on inside air emissions

This environmental label classifies the emissions emitted in inside air. A+ certifications mean that there are almost no emissions.

Certificate of conformity. Saudi Arabian Standards Organization

SASO Certificates of Conformity guarantee that all products entering Saudi Arabia comply with the national product safety and quality requirements.

User safety tile marking

CE marking is the manufacturer’s declaration for a product marketed and sold in the European Economic Area, verifying that it complies with the legal and technical requirements on safety of European Union member states.


The Chinese Compulsory Certificate is similar to other certifications for the standardisation of product quality – such as the European Union CE marking system – applicable to products imported to the People’s Republic of China or to the Chinese.

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