Let's fun! Let's colors!

Let’s fun! Let’s Colors!

Creating unique spaces that are full of life is what architects and interior designers do. They also master the fine art of composition and harmony. To achieve this, a series of visual elements and colours that can generate different sensations need to be integrated, making each project a true work of art.

Colours play a crucial role when creating spaces, since the type of furniture, the type of material chosen and the type of finish will depend on your choice, all combined with light, space and how the environment is used.

Colors grey

To choose the colour in any architectural work, a series of decisive factors must be taken into account:

Colour as a way to create warm or cool spaces: Each colour that is used to create cosy spaces can be perfectly classified according to its pigmentation so that sunlight can be absorbed from lesser to greater intensity, thus creating cooler or warmer environments.

Colour as an essential element to achieve the object/background relationship: There is a close relationship between colour and each of the objects introduced when decorating spaces. This is because once a certain colour is chosen, it can directly influence how the space is perceived and will also transform its dimensions.

Colour as a communication and inspiration element: Through colour, people can experience different sensations, which enables them to communicate emotions, be inspired and act in a certain way.

Colour as an influencing element in the viewer’s psyche: When deciding on a certain colour palette to dress spaces, colours that inspire with some kind of sensation and that are somehow associated with ideas that have been learned culturally will most likely be chosen.

Thus, white, in general, is associated with purity, tranquillity or cleanliness, clarity and the sensation of greater spaciousness. On the contrary, when stronger or darker tones are chosen, they can give a sensation of smaller spaces, but much more cheerful, colourful and fun.

Colors white

That’s why the choice of a certain range of colours stems from a correctly selected architectural strategy based on the emotions to be transmitted:

White shades: White is a neutral colour that is very elegant and is always applied as a base in any space. It also combines perfectly with any object, material or decorative element.

Colors perla

Warm shades: The colours that give a feeling of warmth include yellow, orange and red and although they may be a little strong and reduce the spaciousness somewhat, they can also create a warmer, more pleasant and comfortable environment.

Colors red

Cool shades: For example, blue, green or purple can look great in any area of the house or in an office, as they can create a visual effect of spaciousness.

Colors green

The prevailing colour trend for decorating spaces 2022 includes colours that contrast in combination, such as yellows, greys, fuchsias, pinks, blues and the entire range of neutral colours, inspired by the colours of nature such as brown, mint green and orange.

Colors blue

Discover the entire COLOUR range! A genuine TODATECH® collection that is inspired by the colours of the Earth’s mantles, creating multicoloured strata that can transform simple spaces into unique and exclusive environments. This material concept imprints value, making it a unique ceramic product on the market. A coloured, unglazed, full-body technical porcelain with an innovative character. A product of exceptional qualities designed to meet the strictest technical needs in architecture. At the same time, it is distinguished due to its unique chromatic character.

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