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Inspiration for kitchens

Interior design is a reflection of the society in which we live. For this reason, kitchens this year are social and sociable spots, in which sensations, scents, flavours and – naturally – great company, all take place around the table. We are in a new era of how kitchens are understood, a space that expresses the way we see the world, with personalised, smart and ‘very homely’ solutions, in which the latest technologies also play a defining role.

Open kitchens do nothing but keep gaining ground in plans for remodelling homes. For 2022, opening up the kitchen to connect it to the rest of the home and the living room are still prevailing ideas. A perfect option for flats smaller than 100 square metres, which are being remodelled in order to gain more natural light and visual spaciousness. New kitchens are breaking free from stereotypes, increasingly seeking greater flexibility to adapt them to new times, with bespoke furnishings and solutions for each specific situation.

Natural materials are another popular choice for 2022, encompassing all corners of the kitchen. From metals, leathers, fibres, woods with a wide range of finishes, which follow the trend of progressing towards people’s complete comfort and physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. This translates into healthy and flexible ambiences that convey experiences through the purest and most high-level materials.

Marble is back, precisely due to the boom in natural materials. Its exquisite and delicate veins are once again the design choice for many pieces in our homes. Kitchens with these types of materials once again have their place, both for floors and walls, and for islands and countertops. Discover our TODATECH collections, inspired by the most authentic marble, to imbue your kitchen with an absolutely unique and sophisticated look. 

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