Find out what biophilia is

Natural decorative styles return, partially influenced by the decorative trend known as biophilia. But what exactly is biophilia and how can it be included in home decoration?

The exact definition of biophilia refers to humans’innate connection with nature. A connection generated in prehistory with the environment, which is still maintained today. Hence the need to decorate our homes with plants and natural elements.

Plants help to create a micro-climate inside the home. Spaces and homes that, despite being immersed in urban areas and large metropolises, remind us of nature in its purest state, and help us to connect with what is essential.

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Another way to connect with nature without using plants is by using natural materials and colour palettes, such as terracotta or wooden furniture.

Together with this trend, materials such as wicker, rattan, wood and natural fibre fabrics that convey naturalness, tranquillity and serenity continue to be featured.

This trend helps to create simple and orderly environments in which there is no place for unnecessary furniture or accessories, everything has a functional purpose, to create serene spaces that feel good.

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