Wabi Sabi

Does your house have Wabi-Sabi?

Wabi-Sabi is a decorative trend that relaxes environments. It was created in Japan with the aim of revealing the true beauty of imperfection.

A trend that thrives on the simplicity and naturalness of the passage of time as the foundation for a balanced home full of personality. A total commitment to simple and warm environments, with little ornamentation, with bare walls practically always with no decorations.

Wabi Sabi

Inspired in nature, Wabi-Sabi almost always seeks practically untreated materials, almost acquired directly from nature herself. Wood, marble, stone, natural fibres… and in textiles, materials such as cotton, linen and wool are featured.

Their neutral tones evoke the naturalness of these raw materials. Colours ranging from sand tones, taupe, grey, white and beige are everywhere in a Wabi-Sabi house.

Inspired by Wabi-Sabi, an environment is created with its own personality that is attractively minimalist and has its own natural beauty for our Dakota Collection. Discover it!

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