Dreamlike spaces dedicated to escape and relaxation. Bathrooms are essential spaces for comfort and well-being in the home. With today’s pace of life, the urban environment and stress, people need places of refuge, silence and relaxation in their home where they can forget all their worries for a little while. These new collections are ideal […]

Our stand for the Cevisama 2020 edition has been awarded a Silver Emporia Award at the Emporia National Ephemeral Architecture Awards for Best Design Stand. The design “Exploring invisibility”, carried out by the interior design and branding studio SUMMUMSTUDIO®, created a mirrored volume that blended in with the surroundings, capturing its reflections to completely disappear […]

Interior design is a reflection of the society in which we live. For this reason, kitchens this year are social and sociable spots, in which sensations, scents, flavours and – naturally – great company, all take place around the table. We are in a new era of how kitchens are understood, a space that expresses the way we see the world, with personalised, smart and ‘very homely’ solutions, in which the latest technologies also play a defining role.

Only months ago, Manolita Chen opened its doors in the heart of the Salamanca neighbourhood (Calle de Castelló, 18). This is the third Asian restaurant started up by young Eva Chen (granddaughter of the founder of La Gran Muralla, the seed and inception for the first Chinese restaurant chain in Spain), who we already know from La Pagoda. This time, Eva is reviving part of the enthralling history that runs through her veins to pay homage to the Chinese Theatre of Manolita Chen (also by her famil

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