Esenciales del baño

Bathroom essentials

Dreamlike spaces dedicated to escape and relaxation.


Bathrooms are essential spaces for comfort and well-being in the home. With today’s pace of life, the urban environment and stress, people need places of refuge, silence and relaxation in their home where they can forget all their worries for a little while. These new collections are ideal for bathroom spaces with their intrinsic beauty and charm, as well as their high technical performance.

The TODATECH® collections inspired by the most beautiful marbles create a serene and calm environment, a space full of sophistication and elegance, with a clean and welcoming appearance.


Minimalism is the perfect interior decoration style for a bathroom. An ideal style to create spaces that are as open and clear as possible.

In addition, creating a differentiated and separate shower space with a transparent door or screen by changing the tiles behind it, either by altering the style, colour, shape or texture, will achieve the famous “less is more,” which is so simple and easy to apply in the bathroom using different types of textures: a secret weapon in minimalist-style decoration.


Textures play a key role in creating a warm and natural environment: ceramics that emulate wood, stone, cement or marble soften the space and add warmth and comfort.


With the right materials for the walls and complementary pieces, you can create a space of serenity and calm in your home.

After all, it is one of the most intimate rooms in the home, a space where you can enjoy some quiet time for yourself.

And the bathroom is the space where you begin and end your day. It starts with the first wash in the morning and can finish with relaxation in the bathtub.

Only a little imagination is needed to design a relaxing environment with small details

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