Warm, 'artisan' and sophisticated, these are the trending terms this season for outdoor spaces. With the coming of summer, terraces turn themselves into an extra space, at this time of year they become one of the most welcoming and charismatic spaces in the home.

Creating unique spaces that are full of life is what architects and interior designers do. They also master the fine art of composition and harmony. To achieve this, a series of visual elements and colours that can generate different sensations need to be integrated, making each project a true work of art.

TODAGRES® presents an authentic selection of non-slip materials created under the most stringent technical premises. Ideal for outdoors as well as for wet areas (swimming pools, bathrooms, saunas, etc.), the Anti-Slip technology by TODAGRES® offers high resistance and durability against adverse weather with the sole objective of guaranteeing total safety in the types of spaces that require non-slip flooring.

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